Extremes in Temperature

The outside temp during a ski trip in Tahoe a week ago was several degrees below zero. No amount of layers or mugs of warm liquids could warm my bones. Instead, stabbing into me like an icicle was my reaction to an unexpected and uncomfortable encounter that occurred the day before. I had bumped into someone I had met on the slopes, and dated for a nanosecond in 2012. This person asked if I would like to catch up over a drink later, only to flake on me without a word. The turtle pace of the chairlifts provided me ample … Continued

The “To Do” List

A story for those that feel pummeled by their daily “to do” lists… “Do you keep a “to do” list?” asked a successful corporate lawyer friend of mine recently during dinner. “But of course,” I replied, and described how I had chosen a lined pad in the cheery color purple where I scribble my 2013 daily “to do” list. Actually, I told her about the color, and considered for a split second pulling out my purple pad to show her, but quickly dismissed that thought. Surely, my internal saboteur sniveled, my list would pale in comparison to hers in terms … Continued