How Small Shifts in Behavior Can Change Your Life

My clients often say things that make me grin like the Cheshire Cat… this is a good thing for those of you who are wondering.

I am not referring to the revealing of a deep dark part of a person’s past, or a breakthrough that will let the sun shine in. No doubt these are indeed crucial therapeutic moments.

The Cheshire Cat comes out when a client says something so utterly unique to them as a person that I am moved in a deeply heartfelt way. Moved, and inspired and utterly grateful that I do the kind of work that I do, and that people seek me out.

A client and I shared one of these Cheshire Cat moments today, and a delightful bit of laughter…yet another cherished gift I often receive. We were deep in consideration of the theme of “softening,” and then it happened. She turned a wonderful phrase that brought my Cheshire Cat grin out.

2014 is fast approaching (ummm…like the day after tomorrow), and in reflecting on this past year, I put gratitude towards my clients at the top of the list of all that I deeply appreciate. Thank you for your presence in my life and all I learn from you, which is more than one might possibly imagine.

One of my main New Year’s resolutions is to do a better job of making sure that each and every person in my life knows consistently how much they mean to me and what rock stars I think they are.

I am also resolved to be more focused with my time, rest more and incorporate lots of play into my life. Yep, that’s right, more play. Like a puppy, but more focused.

What do you feel inspired and determined to do in 2014?

If you are anything like me, you must have an over arching life goal or two that feels something like, “THIS BETTER CHANGE OR ELSE!” I get it. I really do, and wish us all the utmost success with these.

And, I highly suggest that you consider coming up with some really do-able goals that will ensure an “I did it!” moment early on in the New Year, and many more throughout the twelve months.

Life changing practices often come as the result of simple daily effort towards changing habits and achieving do-able goals.

So, gather some trusted friends around you, and get out your paper, vision boards, spray paint or whatever medium inspires you, and write some things down. And, please remember to breath as you do this.

Garbage of 2013

What things – relationships, decisions, experiences, feelings, etc – felt like garbage to you last year? Try to identify old habits that steered you towards the garbage. Then, burn the list, damn it, and watch the out dated belief systems from a time long past literally disappear.

Diamonds From 2013

Write down the lessons you learned from 2013. Clearly describe the learning, even the stuff that cut you to the bone or made you feel like your world was crumbling around you. By doing this rather than shoving the feelings under the carpet, you’re empowering yourself in both body and mind to leave these habits behind, and embrace new behaviors that are more in alignment with who you want to be in 2014. Literally creating new neural pathways in your brain and new opportunities in your life.

Create Your Own 2014

Do not hold back on this one. Write down the life that you want for yourself in 2014 in relationship, at work, at play, in finances, with your body, etc. Leave no area untouched. Post this list where you can see it every day. Create a new habit of looking at the life that you want, and consider often what conscious choices and small shifts in behavior, habits and beliefs will bring you closer to your goals.

Sending you ease, flow and joy throughout 2014. Remember to breath, move your body, and take time to play. I plan to.

Happy New Year.



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