Wisdom and Ease

The therapy I practice is designed to create ease in your mind and body, and teach you to manage the inevitability of stress or turmoil. I have a rich arsenal of skills to help you soothe anxiety and integrate trauma, improve your relationships with everyone, boost your self esteem, navigate life/career transitions, improve your body image, steam up your sex life, and open new doors to new possibilities.

The Hakomi Method

Hakomi is a healing modality, and a powerful approach to using mindfulness to study and then refine the core beliefs and embodied patterns that inform how you feel and live your life. Think of it as simply “assisted self study.” When it comes right down to it, all this takes on your end is curiosity and willingness to pay attention to what is unfolding in the present moment.

Horse-Assisted Telehealth Sessions

“WTF?,” you might be thinking.  Or “Hell Yes,” if you have spent time with these amazing creatures.  Either way, Facetime or zoom with one or a couple of four-legged co-therapists quietly holding space for us.  Horses are powerful healers, and have the unique ability to accept us without judgement and teach us how to be our true selves.  They have electromagnetic heart fields that are magnificent, and are just damn awesome to be around.

Pleasure and Play

I hold space for whatever comes up–shame, anger, fear and fat, salty tears–it’s all welcome. But the point of therapy is not to get good at suffering. It’s to learn how to feel more authentic and alive. I’m a huge advocate of pleasure and play, and we’ll spend time learning about you from the things you most enjoy, whether that is cupcakes, cowboys/girls, or climbing the career ladder.

Real, honest and present

I will be your ally and advocate, a real and honest presence. Sometimes I’ll use humor. Always, extraordinary empathy. Sometimes, we’ll quietly contact the shy or timid parts of yourself. Sometimes you may want me to administer a loving yet swift @$&-kicking to get you through the mud of your own mind. I am well-equipped to help you find stillness or momentum, depending on what is appropriate for the situation at hand.

Therapeutic Touch – on hold for now 🙁

Our relationship becomes a safe arena to explore your relationship with yourself, and redefine your power and intention in this world. Sometimes I will use gentle contact to move the healing process along. This is not massage, and clients remain fully clothed, but rather skillful touch that will help your nervous system find ease and nourishment. Hakomi and Craniosacral work are two of the modalities that I draw from.

Therapy will improve your life, not become a way of life

Our objective in working together will be to move you forward. I see myself as a mentor and guide who will help you ignite your own internal light, and teach you new ways to deal with stress and obstacles so that you can have profound shifts and feel better in the foreseeable future. I adore my clients, for sure. But I want to help set you free not become dependent upon therapy.

The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

Henry Miller